Plan of Management

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Plan of Management History

A series of Plans of Management have consolidated information about Rookwood and its users. Successive authors have attempted to establish how the various values of the reserve should be managed.

Apart from the five organisations operating within it, there is a significant number of other groups and statutory authorities involved in Rookwood and its future. The extent of this interest is not surprising; more than one million people visit Rookwood annually.

Plan of Management February 2014

On 20 February 2014 the Minister for Primary Industries and Small Business The Hon Katrina Hodgkinson wrote to the Chair of the Rookwood Necropolis notifying him that both she and the Deputy Premier had adopted the Plan of Management pursuant to Section 114 of the Crown Lands Act 1989. The Plan itself sets the vision and strategic directions for Rookwood into the future. An important element of the plan is the division of Rookwood into 24 geographic areas or ‘management units’. Each contains policies that reflect the priorities unique to that area. The Minister’s letter clarified the status of the Management Unit Policy document by saying that it may be regarded as a supporting document that can be amended over time. the Minister wrote to the Chair

Click on the links below to read both the Plan and the 24 Management Unit policies.

Rookwood-Necropolis-Plan_icon Link to Rookwood Necropolis 24 Management Unit Policies